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The aims and objectives of the British Veterinary Forensic and Law Association (BVFLA) are to develop the interest and expertise of our members in all areas where the law affects the Veterinary Profession. We also welcome enquiries and comments about veterinary / legal matters. Another of our functions is to act as a bridge between the legal and veterinary professions.

Membership of BVFLA is open to anybody who is interested in veterinary / legal matters. Our membership includes Veterinary Surgeons, lawyers and other people who are interested in the areas outlined above. We are all people who are able to deal with all aspects of litigation, mediation, arbitration and advocacy in subjects that affect animals, their owners or Veterinary Surgeons who are directly or indirectly involved. This will include aspects of disease and treatment, animal management, animal welfare, the Medicines Act or employment law.

Winter meeting 2015 to be held in London at the Royal Society of Medicine on 27th January

Brief summary of Meeting of BVFLA28th January 2014 here

Another child death, in Blackburn, from dog bite injuries

8th Annual IVFSA Conference Orlando, Florida May 13-15th

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Are you aware of the new Expert's Declaration?..........read more here

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Want to know more about being an Expert and writing reports?...... read Jennifer Dobson's article recently published in Veterinary Times read more here

(article and pictures reproduced by kind permission of Veterinary Times)

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